How to Fill Out a Ballot

Just follow these simple steps

  • Fill out your ballot and put it in the envelope.
  • Remember to sign and seal BOTH the inner and outer envelope.
  • Mail it back as soon as possible, return it to a secure drop box in your county, or hand deliver it to your county clerk.
  • Your ballot must be POSTMARKED by November 3rd.

Common mistakes on absentee ballots

  • Your ballot will be highlighted where it needs to be signed. Make sure you have signed all appropriate documents before sealing and sending.
  • All ballots are required to be turned in or postmarked by Nov. 3. If you are concerned that your ballot will not be delivered in time, please deliver your ballot to your county clerk’s office or secure dropbox.
  • Do NOT remove the perforated flap on the inner envelope of your ballot.
  • If your ballot becomes damaged in any way please call your county clerk.
  • Make sure to seal the inner and outer envelope completely. If the seal will not stick, contact your county clerk. Do NOT attempt to tape the envelope shut.
  • After completing your ballot you must seal it in the inner envelope and place it in the large envelope.
  • Your signature must match the signature on your voter registration card.